Management in health care
  • 2013 № 1 Regarding the question of informational volunteer agreement in circumstances of kids infection hospital (SCBOE VPO VolgGMU, SGBEH «Volgograd regional Children's Clinic Infection Hospital», Volgograd, Russia)

    In the article there is investigated the current state of question concerning informational agreement on diagnostics and treatment manipulations among minor children affected by infectious diseases. There is presented a reading of this question from the point of last edition of Russian law dated from 21st of November 2011 № 323-FL «Regarding basics of health care protection of citizens of Russian Federation», there are considered discrepancies, appearing while practical implementation in the clinic of children's infectious diseases. There are presented approach examples on resolving questions about informational agreement among minor children in several developed foreign countries.

    Authors: Kaplunov K. O. [2] Sedova N. N. [1]

    Tags: clinic of children's infectious diseases1 informational volunteer agreement1

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  • Sociology of health care
  • 2015 № 1 Special features of applying methods of medicine's sociology in the environment of children's infection in-patient facility

    Doctor-Parent communication influences the treatment outcomes of child. In article application's features of techniques of medicine sociology used for studying interaction in doctor-parent relationships in children's infectious hospital are described.

    Authors: Kaplunov K. O. [2]

    Tags: effective interaction in doctor-parent relationships1 infectious diseases1 sociology of medicine1

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