• 2022 № 3 Market Analysis of assisted reproductive Technologies in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Bashkortostan

    The increase in the prevalence of infertility among the population determines the need for further development and use of assisted reproductive technologies. Purpose of the study: to study the state of the market of assisted reproductive technologies in Russian Federation and Bashkortostan Republic. Material and methods: analysis of statistical information in the field of healthcare of Russian Federation and Bashkortostan Republic. Results: the number of ART centers and cycles in Russia are steadily growing, while the part of state centers and cycles performed in them is just 1/3 and tends to decrease. Private clinics, both in Russia and Bashkortostan Republic, actively participate in state guarantee programs and account for more than half of all ART treatment cycles.

    Authors: Fazlyeva E. A. [1] Galieva G. A. [1]

    Tags: assisted reproductive technologies1 medical services market2 private clinics1

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