It management
  • 2014 № 5 Medical Information System as a means of excluding medical services and tools for enabling calculation of the wage (Novokuznetsk State Institute of Postgraduate Medicine Ministry of Health of Russia, Novokuznetsk, Russia)

    In the context of the single-channel financing medical organizations have received the right to determine the criteria for the distribution of the wage fund among participants diagnostic and treatment process. The main goal — to motivate health care worker to achieve the best outcome and provide quality services to patients. Medical Information System «InfoMuZdrav» takes into account simple and complex medical services performed according to standards of medical care and objectively calculate incentive surcharge for each employee of the medical organization of the amount and quality of work performed.

    Authors: Chechenin G. I. [2] Raykh A. V. [1] Dubrovin A. A. [1]

    Tags: medical information system that stimulates the part of payroll and the quality of medical care1

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  • Medical statistics
  • 2015 № 2 Evaluation of loss health with the indicator «problematic»

    The rate of «problem» for estimating avoidable losses of public health based on the analysis of longterm electronic databases to support management decision-making in health care. The index reflects compliance with the individual components of the loss of public health established standards, taking into account the dynamics of symptoms. An example of the calculation of the «problem» for each of the components of loss of health as an example of Novokuznetsk in order to identify the main problems.

    Authors: Vlasenko A. E. [1] Zhilina N. M. [1] Chechenin G. I. [2]

    Tags: avoidable loss1 health4 nonparametric tests1 ranking problems1 the rate of «problem»1

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