Issue statement
  • 2014 № 12 Regarding the organizational questions on providing anesthesiologist-intensive care aid for children population (Irkutsk State Medical Academy of post-graduate education of Ministry of Healthcare, Russian Federation, Irkutsk, Russia)

    In this review there are studied organizations of anesthesiologist-intensive care in pediatrics, operating in accordance with proposed Orders, adopted by the Ministry of healthcare of Russian Federation on profile nozology.

    Authors: Gorbachev V. E. [1] Antipina L. G. [2] Gorbacheva S. M. [1]

    Tags: anesthesiologist and intensive care1 intensive care unit1 methods1 orders4 pediatrics1 staff schedule2

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  • Personnel management
  • 2018 № 6 Accreditation of graduates of medical faculty – sports questions

    Currently in our country there is an active process of replacing the procedure for certification of graduates of higher medical institutions, and in the future and specialists for accreditation. Accreditation assumes a serious change in the entire system of training and upgrading the qualification of medical workers in order to achieve modern world requirements for medical professionals. It is accreditation that determines the applicant’s compliance with the requirements presented for the implementation of independent medical and pharmaceutical activities. The authors, as active participants in the first accreditation of the graduates of the medical faculty, express some thoughts on the conduct of this procedure and the provisions set forth in the normative documents

    Authors: Gorbachev V. I. [4] Netesin E. S. [2] Antipina L. G. [2]

    Tags: accreditation4 medical faculty1 medical university1 station1

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