Management in healthcare
  • 2023 № 2 Actual problems of management of the radiology diagnostics service of the primary level of health care.

    The main problems of the organization of the work of the radiation diagnostics service and the possibilities for their solution provided by the tools of information systems are considered. The organizational tasks that need to be provided for in the digitalization of healthcare are formulated. The analysis of changes in the organizational and managerial approach to ensuring the work of the diagnostic department is carried out. A decisive role in the development of modern healthcare is played by a systematic approach to the digitalization of the industry and the creation of digital infrastructure in accordance with current requests for operational management.

    Authors: Shulkin I. M. [2] Vladzimirsky A. V. [2] MD [1] Shults E. I. [1] PhD [1] Akhmetov R. N. [1]

    Tags: polyclinic5 primary health care23 radiodiagnosis2 telemedicine12 teleradiology2

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