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  • 2022 № 4 The concept of implementing a business plan for a mobile medical clinic

    The article is devoted to the economic aspect of the concept of implementation and functioning of a mobile medical clinic (MMC).Despite the role of mobile medical clinics in providing medical assistance to the entire population, all social groups, the overall impact of mobile medical clinics has not often been the subject of research.
    The purpose of the study is to analyze the project of implementing the business plan of a mobile (mobile) medical clinic.
    Materials and methods. The presented business plan has a structure focused on the creation of mobile medical complexes on the territory of each subject of Russia. The introduction of such medical clinics is a necessary and important process within the framework of preserving the health and working capacity of the population. Important stages in the implementation of the business plan are: a legislative plan that includes the main regulations, a marketing plan that takes into account the segment of the services market and the demand for the planned price, and an organizational plan that includes an assessment of the total cost of the project and fixed costs.
    Results. In the article, the results show that the introduction of mobile medical clinics on the territory of the subjects of Russia will not only improve the state of health and improve the quality of care for people, but also improve the health of the population while reducing the growth rate of costs (within the framework of the all-Russian national strategy). In this regard, an organizational plan was developed that takes into account the fixed costs of the mobile clinic.
    Conclusion. The development of a business plan for the implementation of mobile medical clinics in the territory of each subject of Russia and the introduction of MMC programs into the healthcare system will increase the level of socio-economic well-being of the population.

    Authors: Abdullabekov R. N. [2] Komissarova M. A. [1]

    Tags: business plan1 implementation2 marketing plan1 mobile medical clinic1 organizational plan1 regulations4

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  • Management in health care
  • 2021 № 8 Assessment of the efficiency of leasing when operating a mobile medical clinic in russia (on the example of the Rostov region)

    In recent years, especially during the COVID‑19 pandemic, the need for mobile medical clinics has increased. For the effective implementation of the project of mobile medical clinics in Russia (by the example of the Rostov region), it is necessary to purchase expensive medical equipment using leasing technologies.
    P u r p o s e of the study was to assess the effectiveness of leasing when operating a mobile medical clinic in the Rostov region.
    M a t e r i a l s a n d m e t h o d s . The article investigated the cost-effectiveness of operating leasing compared to the standard purchase of medical equipment. The amount of lease payments was calculated and compared with payments for the purchase of medical equipment. Payments were calculated for a standard set of medical equipment for a medical clinic, including 5 cars on KAMAZ chassis No. 1 with offices of a therapist, surgeon, otolaryngologist, endocrinologist and neurologist, dentist, gynecologist, urologist and ophthalmologist, laboratory and fluorographic, mammographic and CT complexes.
    R e s u l t s . According to the results of the study, it was found that in the modern conditions of the spread of coronavirus infection, the need for mobile medical clinics has increased significantly. Effectiveness of medical equipment leasing technology: supplier (equipment manufacturer) – lessee (mobile medical clinic) with the assistance of a leasing company (lessor), lease payments for operating leasing have been estimated.
    F i n d i n g s . The effectiveness of leasing in the Rostov region with full depreciation of medical equipment by 30–80% within 10 years of operation has been established.

    Authors: Abdullabekov R. N. [2] Fedorchuk V. E. [1] Minnikova T. V. [1]

    Tags: efficiency10 government agencies1 leasing2 medical equipment3 mobile medical clinics1 rostov region1 socio-economic aspects1

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