Mathematical modeling
  • 2018 № 4 Development of an algorithm for automated wavelet analysis of clinical oncology dispensary registry data at the regional level

    This article describes the issue of overload of the registry on the example of the state budgetary health care institution clinical oncological dispensary No. 1 of the Ministry of health of the Krasnodar territory. Maintaining a schedule of appointments and appointments to the doctor in electronic form plays a key role in healthcare information systems as the most widespread and socially oriented medical service. The aim of the study is to develop an algorithm for automated wavelet analysis of data on the work of the registry. To achieve this goal, there are used the methods of wavelet analysis of information that have been applied in practice and can be reused in other medical institutions. It is possible to create an optimal schedule of work of registrars and as a result reduce the waiting time of patients at the reception, by automating the process of analysis of data on patient’s appointments that contained in the healthcare information system. The reduction in waiting time should increase patient satisfaction and improve the overall impression of the health facility. For each institution, the workload schedule of the registry will be different and may change over time. It follows that the analysis and optimization of work schedules should be carried out regularly and automatically.

    Authors: Koshkarov A. A. [8] Murashko R. A. [3] Sobchenko K. V. [2] Kovalenko A. V. [1] Sharov S. V. [2]

    Tags: appointment to the doctor1 healthcare information system11 registry1 time series2 wavelet analysis1

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  • Artificial intelligence in health care
  • 2020 № 1 Modern methods of analysis and forecasting of time series and use in medicine

    The article is a review of Russian and foreign scientific publications related to the use of methods of analysis and
    forecasting of time series in medicine. 112 major publications over the past 5 years, located on the Internet resources e-library
    and PubMed, are considered. Examples of the application of such methods as exponential smoothing, regression analysis,
    the ARIMA method and their variants for time series analysis are shown. Various approaches to mathematical modeling of
    the time series are presented. The results of the article can be used to select a method of analysis and forecasting time series
    depending on the tasks.

    Authors: Zakharov. S. D. [4] Egorov D. B. [2] Egorova A. O. [1]

    Tags: analysis and forecasting of the time series1 arima2 exponential smoothing1 regression analysis2 time series2

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