Medical informational systems
  • 2016 № 3 Information support for the provision of high-quality medical care by using medical information systems

    Medical information systems are an effective tool for organization of providing quality medical care by providing medical worker with timely and qualified information support. One of the mechanisms of such support is the electronic health records (EHR), the structure of which is based on the standards of medical care and clinical recommendations. The data accumulated in EHR, allow to organize the control process online, to enhance and to complement traditional methods of examination of quality of medical care.

    Authors: Gusev S. D. [1] Gusev N. S. [1] Bochanova. E. N. [1]

    Tags: electronic health record5 hospital informatics system1 quality of medical care2

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  • It and the economics of healthcare
  • 2017 № 3 Functional requirements for healthcare quality information system

    One of the main objectives of the adoption of the Law of the Russian Federation of 29.11.10, No. 326-FZ «About compulsory medical insurance in the Russian Federation» is a significant improvement of the quality of medical care for Russian citizens. In accordance with the norm of Article 4 of the Law, the main principle of compulsory health insurance is to «...create conditions for ensuring the accessibility and quality of medical care provided under compulsory health insurance programs». Healthcare quality assessment can be implemented using the following methods:
    - medical standards compliance inspections;
    - pharmacotherapy effectiveness inspections;
    - medical and economical quality control;
    - questioning the quality of medical care, medical institutions rating, and medical staff rating.
    These methods allow to formulate the functional requirements for a healthcare quality information system. In practical implementation, such a system should contain a knowledge base on the basis of which it is possible to develop a formal scheme for the process of solving the tasks, as well as the implementation of the proposed knowledge representation model and the decision-making procedure

    Authors: Losev. A. Y. [2]

    Tags: assessment of the quality of medical care1 compulsory medical insurance2 evaluation of medical technologies1 healthcare quality information system1 hqis1 medical information system20 quality control system for medical care1 quality of medical care2 rating of a medical institution1 standards of medical care2

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