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  • 2022 № 4 Features of the formation of the labor rationing system in medical organizations providing primary health care

    Labor rationing has a number of potential opportunities, with the competent implementation of which it is possible to solve many urgent management tasks, including stimulating employees.
    The purpose of the study is to evaluate the principles of the formation of the remuneration system through the applied elements of labor rationing for various categories of medical workers providing primary health care, taking into account the specialty of the medical worker and his activities.
    Materials and methods. A mechanism has been developed for the introduction of a remuneration system (an effective contract) through labor rationing in compliance with labor legislation and other regulatory documents based on the timing of the performance of the labor function (manipulation, procedure, examination, etc.), its quantitative and qualitative characteristics.
    Results. During the development of the labor rationing system in the polyclinic, timekeeping tables for load accounting were developed for all departments. Based on these data, the optimal accounting unit of labor costs was established and the required number of points was determined, which guarantees the receipt of an official salary with a full worked rate of hours per month. For each employee, the form “Performance of the load per month” was filled out, where the indicators “Number of patients/days per month” and “Average load per day” were calculated. Summary evaluation data were entered into labor passports, which reflected the rate of points per day, the actual number of points scored, the difference between the actual number and the norm, the percentage of the surcharge. As an example, several developed methods are presented for the development of criteria and the establishment of additional payments to polyclinic medical workers within the framework of an effective contract.
    Findings. Determining the workload of medical workers based on the study of labor processes and the cost of working time to perform various jobs, and then rationing their labor, in general, makes the requirements for the volume of work performed transparent, reasonable and understandable for the staff of medical organizations.

    Authors: Sochkova L. V. [2] Kim A. V. [2] Sharafutdinova L. L. [2] Guryeva N. A. [2]

    Tags: labor rationing2 medical organization52 timing of performance of labor function1 wage system1

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