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  • 2018 № 10 The experience of interregional Clinic and Diagnostic Centerin health care delivery within the mandatory medical insurance and charged services

    An article discusses differences in the legal and regulatory framework in regulating the mandatory medical insurance and charged services. It is found out that conditions that lie at the root of the mandatory medical insurance system could be fully implemented using the causal approach to diagnostics and disease treatment. The causal approach within the mandatory medical insurance allows responding to the cause of the disease quickly and affordably. It is concluded that implementing mandatory medical insurance systems and charged services in a medical facility requires their different positioning, and in this case they will not repeat each other or compete with each other, but complement each other perfectly. The article describes the experience of Interregional Clinic and Diagnostic Center in organizing charged services using a system approach that allows forming an aggregate picture of a disease taking into account a plenty of factors and opinions from various experts. The conceptual differences in organizing the health care delivery in the mandatory medical insurance systems (causal approach) and charged services (system approach) within the activities of Interregional Clinic and Diagnostic Center allowed to define both systems as mutually supportive systems that fully meet the needs of people in medical services.

    Authors: Kupriyanov R. V. [6] Khairullin R. N. [6]

    Tags: causal approach1 mandatory medical insurance10 medical facilities1 system approach3 voluntary health insurance1

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