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    Management in healthcare
  • 2018 № 2 Analysis of CT utilization for primary care clinics of the large city

    We studied the use of CT scans in forty-five polyclinics in a large city. The maximum load per unit was 657 exams per month. The average load was 220 exams per month (CI 95% 208–231). No direct correlation was found between the exam volume and the size of the population served by the polyclinic (r = 0.47). The average CT utiliza- tion was 14.4 exams per 1000 adults inhabitants (CI 95% 12.4–16.5). The age-specific patterns of CT usage were revealed. For population within the age group of 18 to 45 years the frequency of CT usage gradually increased from 4.24 to 5.94 per 1000 people. Most often CT was used within the age group of 70-year-olds. Within this group, the number of tests reached 30.6 per 1000 adults inhabitants. In the older age groups, the number of exams was lower. In polyclinics without an MRI scanner, the structure of CT exams differed. The share of brain exams among all CT exams was 18% (compared to 10.8% in MRI equiped polyclinics), the share of spine exams was 17.7% (compared to 9.5% in MRI equiped polyclinics). Evidence is obtained of a multiple increase in the frequency of use of contrast media for CT in response to a complex of educational, control and economic interventions

    Authors: Sveshсhinskiy M. L. [1]

    Tags: computed tomography2 ct scans1 polyclinic4 utilization2

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  • Management in health care
  • 2013 № 8 Regional differences in the utilization of CT in the goverment health care sector of Russia (Moscow, Russia)

    Investigated availability and utilization of CT services in the public healthcare system in Russia. Presented differences in availability of diagnostic equipment in Russian regions. Identified inequality among regions in the volumes of carried CT exams, CT exams per 10000 population as well as a significant difference in technical efficiency of equipment utilization. Presented differences in key performance indicators of CT service between Russia and OECD countries.

    Authors: Sveshchinskiy M. [1]

    Tags: ct1 public health sector1 regional variation1 russia7 utilization2

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