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  • 2017 № 7 The condition of traumatism problem according to data of official statistics and scientific foundation for its control

    Traumatism is the priority problem of Health Protection in Russia. The questions of statistics and organization of specialized help are not yet decided. The results of analyses of the main data in the Astrakhanian region according to official medical statistics for 2005–2015 years are represented in the article. There were studied the intensive data, their dynamics, meaning of difference according to statistic criteria t. The limit of possibilities in investigation of traumatism and mortality because of external factors in connection with not quite full control of their parameters in the forms of federal statistic observation was found out. The necessity of perfection of control in traumatism and medical help to victims by creation of regional and federal specialized informative systems and adoption of normative documents were confirmed. The introduction of worked-out regional informative systems gives the possibility to improve control of traumatism and specialized medical help

    Authors: Grechuhin I. V. [1]

    Tags: analysis2 data of traumatism1 informative system1 official medical statistics1 perfection1

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