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    Issue statement
  • 2014 № 12 Regional experience of the organization of work of the Centers of health on the example of the Smolensk region (Department of health care, Smolensk, Russia)

    Annotation. This review presents regional experience of improving preventive measures in the Smolensk region on the example of the organization of the health center. The results of analysis of sectoral statistical monitoring indicators of different categories of patients visiting health centers Smolensk region for the period 2010–2014. (2014 results are presented for the first 9 months). The dynamics of the number of persons trained in healthy lifestyles in-depth individual prevention counseling and thematic School of Health, the number of patients who visited the Health Centre in the Smolensk region in 2010–2014, represented the organization of exit work Regional Health Center. The role of health centers in improving the system of medical prevention in primary care Smolensk region.

    Authors: Stepchenkov V. I. [2] Batrova Y. V. [2] Lebedeva N. A. [1]

    Tags: chronic noninfectious diseases1 medical prevention2 mobile teams1 organization of work health centers1 risk factors15 schools of health1

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