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    Sociology of health care
  • 2020 № 6 Subjective assessment of satisfaction of mothers of newborns with the attitude of para- medical personnel of obstetric care organizations

    Purpose.   To assess the satisfaction of mothers of newborns with the attitude of paramedical personnel in obstetric care organizations of the metropolis.
    Methods. An anonymous survey of 2949 mothers of newborns was conducted in 4 obstetric care organizations in St. Pe- tersburg. To assess the satisfaction of mothers, the methods recommended by FFOMS were used. Mathematical data pro- cessing was carried out using spreadsheets “MS Office Excel 2010” and the statistical software package PASW STATISTICS. Results. The obstetric care organizations of St. Petersburg have a “high level” of an integral indicator of satisfaction with the attitude of paramedical personnel in providing medical care to newborns (77.4%), which is higher in maternity hospitals than in perinatal centers (integral indicator (78.5% and 75.1%, respectively.) Regardless of the level of organization of obstetric care, mothers were more satisfied with the human qualities of the paramedical staff working with newborns (“high level” on the FFOMS scale). Motors were less satisfied with the amount of time and attention that nurses paid to children (“average level” according to the FFOMS scale). In contrast to maternity hospitals, when assessing the activities of nurses of perinatal centers, 16.7% more mothers were indicated in the rush and insufficient time, and 32 more were indifferent, 3%. Overall, 72.4% of mothers rated the work of secondary medicine the maternity staff of obstetric institutions with newborns was “excellent” and “good” (on av- erage 4.03 ± 0.07 points), but in maternity hospitals the respondents more often rated “good” and less often “satisfactory”. Conclusions. The study showed a high satisfaction of mothers with the attitude of paramedical personnel to newborns in obstetric organizations of a megalopolis, regardless of the level of medical care provided to them. The attitude of nurses in maternity hospitals was rated higher than in perinatal centers.
    Scope   of   the   results. Development of organizational measures aimed at improving the quality of medical services in obstetric care organizations.

    Authors: Moiseeva K.  E. [1] Yuryev V.  K. [1]

    Tags: level of satisfaction1 maternal satisfaction1 newborns1 nursing  staff4 organization of obstetric care1

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