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    Manager of heath care consults
  • 2020 № 1 Health care Financing in 2020: priorities within the national project «Health Care»

    Analysis of future health financing shows that in 2020–2022, despite the difficult financial situation, the growth of financial support for the health system will continue. Among the priorities for 2020, we should highlight the increase in funding for cancer care. This is the implementation of the provisions of the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation on may 7, 2018 No. 204 "on national goals and strategic objectives of the development of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2024". The allocation of funds in the compulsory health insurance system is also based on these priorities. In particular, at the expense of mandatory medical insurance funds, financial incentives are provided for employees to identify oncological disease. Among the positive aspects are inter-budget transfers to the budget of the compulsory health insur¬ance Fund from the Federal budget to pay for high-tech medical care that is not included in the basic program mandatory medical insurance and birth certificates. All this should have a positive impact on the further development of health care.

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [122] Obukhova O. V. [28] Bazarova I. N. [12]

    Tags: deficit6 expenses7 federal budget9 federal fund1 financing13 healthcare11 insurance premiums1 inter-budget transfers3 mandatory medical insurance10 rev¬enues1

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  • 2023 № 2 Issues of implementation of new special social payments to medical workers, including those working on an outpatient basis, from January 1, 2023

    The article examines the mechanism of implementation of new special social benefits, which are introduced for a number of categories of medical workers from January 1, 2023.
    These payments, as well as the previously existing special social benefits paid to persons providing medical care to patients with COVID‑19, will be carried out through a social fund – in this case, through the Pension and Social Insurance Fund. Such a mechanism, despite the long chain of financial flows, has its advantages, primarily concerning the possibility of personalized accounting of payments and minimizing the risks of misuse of funds.
    At the same time, the implementation of special social benefits raises a number of questions concerning the payment of insurance premiums, etc., the answers to which are not always obvious, but can be obtained on the basis of consideration of the provisions of the current legislation.

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [122] Obukhova O. V. [28] Chililov A. M. [24] Endovitskaya  Yu.  V. [11]

    Tags: federal compulsory health insurance fund1 inter-budget transfers3 pension and social insurance fund1 special social benefits4 wages5

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  • Manager of health care consults
  • 2022 № 1 Financing of the compulsory health insurance system in 2022

    The most important factor affecting the amount and methods of financial support of the compulsory medical insurance system, as in the last two years, continues to be the spread of coronavirus infection COVID‑19.
    In the proposed paper discusses not only the indicators of the budget of the Federal compulsory medical insurance Fund, but the dynamics of indicators, including, in comparison with the rate of inflation, and other factors.
    New directions of the use of compulsory medical insurance funds are identified, the reasons for their appearance are considered.

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [122] Obukhova O. V. [28] Bazarova I. N. [12] Endovitskaya  Yu.  V. [11]

    Tags: budget7 compulsory health insurance17 covid-1927 deficit6 expenses7 federal chi fund2 financing13 healthcare11 income6 inter-budget transfers3 subventions2

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