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    Management in health care
  • 2020 № 3 To the question of integrating outpatient mental health module providing specialized care to patients

    The article presents the result of the integration of a new organizational inpatient care – outpatient psychiatric module (APM) on the example of the medical rehabilitation Department (MPO), the Department of intensive psychiatric care (OIOPP) in one of the medical psychiatric institutions of the city of Moscow State budgetary institution of health “Psychiatric clinical hospital № 13 of the Department of health of the city of Moscow”. We used such methods as: the study and generalization of experience, analytical, sociological, comparative analysis. Presents certain advantages and characteristics of the MRO, OIOP in comparison with the provision of mental health care to patients in a hospital. The necessity of improvement of interaction, continuity of medical rehabilitation Department is noted. departments of intensive psychiatric care with other units of the new organizational form, other medical institutions.

    Authors: Grishina N. K. [6] A. Yu. Ter-Israelyan [3] T.  E.  Evdokimova [1] А.  А.  Zagoruychenko [1]

    Tags: cognitive  remediation.1 department  of  intensive  psychiatric  care1 integration2 medical  rehabilitation  department1 outpatient psychiatric module1 specialized  care1

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  • 2017 № 5 The integration of the systems of internal control of the quality and safety of medical activity and quality management of medical organizations

    For example, regarding the system of quality management large dental enterprises in conformity to national standard of Russian Federation GOST R ISO 9001–2015 «quality management System. Requirements» shown the possibility and feasibility of the integration of the system of internal control of the quality and safety of medical activities in specific internal standards and the documents of QMS of the medical organization. The integration of the two systems will allow to avoid the duplication of monitoring procedures and its documenting, will provide a more detailed study of the internal control procedures of the quality and safety of medical activities by binding them to the production processes in medical organizations

    Authors: Viktorov V. N. [3]

    Tags: integration2 internal control7 quality and safety of medical activities9 quality management system9

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