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  • 2018 № 8 Base trend on number of Russian children (aged 0–14) require for medical supervision in 2000–2015 years

    Growth of Russian children’s incidence is confirmed with many special researches. As has shown the anal¬ysis of Federal statistical observation (form No. 12) for 2000–2015 years, in Russia the number of children at the age of 0–14 years require for medical supervision has grown from 302,6 to 309,0 cases for 1000 per population of the corresponding age (2,1%). The highest increase took place on classes: new growths (105,3%), congenital anomalies (malformations) (63,0%), injuries, poisonings, etc. (56,3%). Decrease in number of the children (0–14 years) require for medical supervision is noted on the following classes: pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal period (–70,0%), separate conditions of the perinatal period (–60,6%), some infectious and parasitic diseases (–59,5%), mental disorders and disorders of behavior (–43,1%). The balance of number of the studied group of children for 2015 year is 6,1% at the expense of bigger number registered (55,3%), in comparison with number of struck off the register (49,2%). At the same time the maximum plus balance was observed on the following classes of diseases: separate conditions of the perinatal period (46,5%), injuries, poisonings, etc. (80,0%), diseases of respiratory organs (21,3). The minus balance of number is noted on classes: some infectious and parasitic diseases (–11,6%), mental disorders and disorders of behavior (–2,4%). The number of children require for medical supervision in Russia for the studied period has grown. As soon as, the health of children and teenagers defines health of future nation, its preservation is an important task, which real¬ization demands development of measures for treatment of diseases of this contingent, and, above all – holding preventive actions with definition of their address introduction (school, the house, healthcare institutions).

    Authors: Banteva M. N. [9] Matveev E. N. [3] Manoshkina E. M. [7]

    Tags: children9 dispensary observation2 incidence of children2 medical examination of children1 medical supervision1 routine medical inspections1

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  • Management in health care
  • 2020 № 3 Modern approaches to the analysis of the formation of pathology in children

    The mathematical method “oriented trees with estimates” is used to study the structure of 411,581 requests from 71,483 children to a medical organization for primary diseases. The data of the medical information system of the hospital for 2015–2018 were used. The regularities of the sequence of pathology formation in 35,288 children under 7 years old and 36,195 children from 7 to 17 years old and the average age of detection of diseases are established. So, the onset of the disease J06.9 (depending on age) is expected to be 1.9–4.6 times more likely if there was one of the diseases G93.8 or G94 before than after one of the diseases J20.9 or J20.8 according to ICD-10. The data obtained can be used for individual preventive work with children.

    Authors: S.  B.  Choloyan [1] O.  G.  Pavlovskaya [1] A.  K.  Ekimov [1] N.  N.  Trikomenas [1] M.  V.  Sheenkova [1] E.  N.  Baygazina [1]

    Tags: incidence of children2 medical care for children4 medical information systems10 medical prevention2 oriented  trees  with  grades1

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