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  • 2020 № 4 Statistics of obesity in children in the Russian Federation for 2014–2018 years

    The article presents the statistics of obesity in children for 2014–2018. Over the analyzed period, the overall incidence of obesity in the Russian Federation among children aged 0–17 years increased by 21,4%. In the dynamics for 2014–2018, the primary incidence of obesity among children aged 0–17 years in the Russian Federation increased by 8,7%. The results of the analysis of statistics on obesity among children indicate the need to pay attention to the promotion of breastfeeding, the nutrition of pregnant women, a balanced diet of children and physical activity.

    Authors: E.  V.  Ogryzko [1] E.  A.  Shelepova [1] E.  M.  Tyurina [1]

    Tags: children13 general incidence1 obesity1 primary incidence1

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