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  • 2018 № 4 The role and importance of criteria for evaluating the quality of medical care, approved by order of ministry of health of Russia from 10.05.2017 n203n for healthcare organizations working in the mandatory health insurance system

    The article analyzes the regulatory framework governing the quality control of medical care in the system of mandatory health insurance (MHI) and the application of criteria for assessing the quality of medical care in a medical organization. It is noted that the criteria for assessing the quality of medical care are an integral tool for ensuring and controlling the quality of medical care for all medical organizations without exception, including those operating in the MHI system. The authors explain and emphasize that the legislation on compulsory medical insur¬ance in no way limits the use of these criteria medical organizations working in MHI. At the same time application of the specified criteria allows to prevent or reduce number of defects of medical care / violations at rendering medical care, and also number of defects of registration of primary medical documentation

    Authors: Piven D. V. [52] Kitsul I. S. [52] Ivanov I. V. [27]

    Tags: control of the quality of medical care1 examination of the quality of medical care2 mandatory health insurance5 medical care12 medical organization50 quality assessment criteria1

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