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  • 2014 № 4 Legal and practical aspects of decreasing amount of labor compensation (including the amounts of incentive pay outs) in the frames of introducing an efficient contract (Federal research institute for health organization and informatics of ministry of health of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia)

    Introduction of efficient contract suggests further close-bodied dependency of labor compensation from its outcome. It also considers not only raise of salaries as far as reaching best results, but a decrease of salaries in case of decline of corresponding indexes. However, there are legislative limitations directed on decrease of labor compensation amount. The study also considers problems of decreasing labor compensation amounts while not reaching foreseen indexes with meeting requirements of active legislation.

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [117]

    Tags: collective contract1 efficient contract9 incentive pay outs2 income6 labor compensation fund1 labor contract6 material stimulation2

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