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  • 2019 № 1 About inadmissibility of transfer of all chief physicians and their deputies to the status of non-medical workers and the admission to management of the medical organizations as the first heads of persons without medical education

    In the article, the authors show in detail and justify the very dramatic consequences that the country's health care will receive if the planned changes to the Regulation on the licensing of medical care are adopted the activities assuming exception of works (services) on "the organization of health care and public health" from the List of the works (services) making medical activity, and also the admission to the management of the medical organization as the first leaders of persons without higher medical education. The authors emphasize that the implementation of the planned changes will lead to the fact that the chief physicians and their deputies will cease to be medical workers, the manageability of medical organizations and the quality of medical care will decrease, the system of training of managers will degrade. This is totally unacceptable.

    Authors: Piven D. V. [52] Kitsul I. S. [52]

    Tags: certificate of specialist1 medical activity5 medical organization50 medical worker2 organization of health care and public health1 qualification requirements3 quality and safety of medical activity12 training3

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