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  • 2019 № 8 Organizational and methodological work of the main external experts Coordination Council in the implementation of the regional project for cardiovascular diseases control in Moscow Region

    In this article the role of main external experts (MEE) is discussed. According to the Order of the agency of administration, MEE form a Coordination Council to implement important regional projects. Thus, as a result of the concerted organizational and methodological work, the cardiovascular mortality reduced from 676.2 in 2015 to 475.2 in 2018 per 100 000 population. It is worth to mention that in 2015 the cardiovascular mortality rate in Moscow Region was above the average for the Russian Federation (RF) and Central Federal District (CFD), while in 2018 it became below the average for the RF and CFD.

    Authors: Gurov A. N. [15] Sanina N. P. [1] Prikhodko A. N. [1]

    Tags: cardiovascular diseases2 cardiovascular diseases control1 main external experts coordination council1 organizational and methodological work1 regional project1

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  • Information management
  • 2022 № 4 Relevance of introducing remote surveillance technologies for high-risk patients suffering with cardiovascular diseases during a pandemic Professional burnout of medical nurses: features of generations

    The organization of health support for people with cardiovascular diseases during a pandemic requires limiting direct contact with the patient. It is necessary to introduce/improve technologies for remote monitoring of the condition of high-risk patients with the possibility of prompt response in case of deterioration.
    The purpose of the work – a detailed study of the possibilities of implementing remote technologies for analyzing the condition of high-risk patients with cardiovascular diseases.
    Methods and materials: a detailed analysis of literature sources concerning remote monitoring of the condition of persons suffering from cardiovascular diseases and being at high risk was carried out. Particular attention is paid to studies conducted during the pandemic. The study of the state of the issue of interest was carried out by analyzing publications in the databases: Cyberleninka, PubMed, Elibrary, ScienceDirect, Springerlink.
    Results: the trends in the development of modern technologies for remote analysis of the parameters of the functioning of the cardiovascular system, including pulse rate, blood pressure, and electrocardiographic studies, were determined. Particular attention is paid to assessing the possibilities of counseling the patient through remote communication, options for transmitting data on the patient’s condition, methods of emergency communication.

    Authors: Murzagalieva A. N. [1]

    Tags: cardiovascular diseases2 high-risk group1 pandemic6 remote monitoring2

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