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  • 2021 № 5 Error in the regulation of bacteria screening in donor blood components

    We searched for standards for monitoring the sterility of donor blood and blood components. The legal nullity of the “Instructions for the control of the sterility of canned blood, its components, preparations, canned bone marrow, blood substitutes and preservative solutions” was established. For proper sterility control of donor blood and its components, the “Standard for equipping a blood transfusion station (blood center)” (approved by Order of the Ministry of Health of Russia No. 1167n dated October 28, 2020) needs to be amended by replacing the “Bacteriological analyzer for the identification of microorganisms” with “Analyzer of blood cultures“.

    Authors: Zhiburt E. B. [12] Kuznetsov S. I. [5] Averyanov E. G. [3] Shestakov E. A. [3]

    Tags: bacteria1 blood5 blood collection4 blood transfusion8 safety4 sterility1 testing2

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