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  • 2022 № 6 Satisfaction of parents with the availability of preferential drug provision for minors

    The health and well-being of children is in the first place in the social policy of any state. In relation to children with chronic diseases, a lot of state support measures are being developed, including preferential drug provision. At the same time, the availability and volume of benefits for each particular child can affect the further prognosis of the disease, the social and economic efficiency of the measures taken. The purpose of the study was to identify the reasons for parents' dissatisfaction with the availability and quality of the organization of preferential drug provision for minors. The study was conducted by anonymous questioning of 455 parents of children admitted for inpatient treatment at the FSBEI HE SPb SPMU and the G.I. Turner in 2020, belonging to the preferential category. The study showed that there are restrictions at all stages of the provision of drug benefits. Most parents have low awareness of the child's right to benefits, as well as low legal activity in situations where the child's right is violated.
    A third of parents prefer not to use the benefit, fearing obstacles to its implementation. For children eligible for a federal benefit, the availability of drug coverage is significantly higher than for children with a regional benefit.

    Authors: Akulin I. M. [6] Sokolova V. V. [1]

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