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  • 2023 № 10 Medical and social problems of geriatrics patients.

    Introduction. Currently, the demographic situation is characterized by a serious increase in the aging of the population. Life expectancy is an important indicator that determines the level of public health and socio-economic development of the country, which depends on a number of biological and social factors. Geriatric patients are a category of people in need of medical and social assistance. Much has been done in the Russian Federation to improve the quality of life of older people in order to increase life expectancy. Active longevity is an important aspect of the health and social services system.
    The aim is to study the medical and social problems of geriatric patients in the historical aspect.
    Materials and methods. The analysis of Russian-language and English-language literature of domestic and foreign authors was carried out in order to verify the medical and social problems of the elderly and determine methods for helping this category of patients. PRISMA data was used to compile the review.
    Results. Based on the analysis of scientific literature materials, 3 categories of problems in geriatric patients were identified: decreased mental and physical abilities; geriatric syndromes; support for caregivers. Based on these categories, the following subcategories were identified: Decreased mental and physical abilities (loss of mobility; malnutrition; visual impairment; hearing impairment; cognitive impairment; symptoms of depression); geriatric syndromes: (urinary incontinence; risk of falls); support for caregivers.
    Discussions. The main goal of public health according to the WHO concept of healthy aging is to maintain functioning throughout the life cycle. Taking measures at an early stage plays a crucial role, since the process of senile decrepitude or dependence on outside help can be delayed, slowed down or even partially reversed if appropriate measures are taken at an early stage of reduced functionality.
    Conclusions. Geriatric patients are a serious medical and social problem that should be solved by: medical workers, government officials, psychologists, social services, volunteers, scientists, relatives of patients.

    Authors: Tchikovskaya M. V. [1] Gubin D. G. [1] Moshkina A. Yu. [1] Martirosyan M. Ed. [1] Tchikovskaya I. I [1] Kuimova Zh. V. [1] Anisiforova E. V. [1] Elfimov D. A. [1] Gerasimova A. P. [1] Epreva V. V. [1]

    Tags: an elderly person1 geriatrics4 longevity1 medical and social care1 old age.4

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