Foreign practice
  • 2015 № 4 Standards of medical care in Russia and USA

    Annotation. The analysis of the use of the term «standard of care» in the Russian Federation and the United States. The list of normative documents regulating the process of standardization of medical care, defined role and scope of clinical guidelines and standards of their legal component in the resolution of conflict and controversial clinical situations in health care. It is noted that the work on standardization of medical care due to objective socio-economic necessity of generalization, unification, of the desire to improve access to health care, including new medical technologies associated with the development of quality management of medical care.

    Authors: Samorodskaya I. V. [7] Stepchenkov V. I. [2] Batrova Y. V. [2] Saversky А. V. [1]

    Tags: clinical recommendations3 quality health care1 regulations4 standardization2

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