Focus of problem
  • 2019 № 10 Patient-centeredness in the provision of medical services to the population as a value and principle of activity

    The article correlates the principles of patient-orientation (PO) and patient-centeredness (PC) in the provision of medical care, gives a normative basis for the implementation of these principles, defines the characteristics of a value-oriented healthcare, presents the features of the implementation of the patient-centered principle in the provision of paid medical services.

    Authors: Perepelova O. V. [3] Petrova I. A. [1]

    Tags: paid medical care1 patient centered1 patient- oriented2

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  • Law
  • 2019 № 6 Legal issues of non-conformity of payment medical services to expectations of the patient

    The article is devoted to the problems arising in the course of inconsistency with the patient’s expectations in the context of providing paid medical services. The legal regulation of this service sector needs to be improved, so the paper analyzes the documentation of the legal relationship between the medical organization and the patient, considers the basic conditions that are mandatory for implementation and determines the specific nature of the medical service within the framework of delineating patient information when provided for payment and free medical care.

    Authors: Perepelova O. V. [3] Grishina N. K. [6] Gridnev O. V. [2] Pesennikova E. V. [2]

    Tags: informed  voluntary  consent  to  medical  intervention1 paid medical services19 paid  medical  services  contract1

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  • Management in health care
  • 2018 № 3 On the problem of forming a new model of the primary medico-sanitary management for the patients with pathology of digestion organs in Moscow Region

    The article presents monitoring results of the independent evaluation of the work quality of the Moscow Regional medical institutions as well as medico-statistical analysis of morbidity, hospitalization, and lethality indices in different groups of population with digestion organs diseases in Moscow Region which are necessary to form the new model of the primary medico-sanitary management. The special attention in the presented new model is paid to the standard of polite and careful treatment of patients by the medical staff, to increasing the doctor’s work time with an individual patient, to reducing the registration time, the queue to medical specialists, and the time period of pending one’s turn before the doctor’s room. The same attention is paid to shortening the period of prophylactic medical observation and examination

    Authors: Gurov A. N. [15] Perepelova O. V. [3] Davronov I. V. [2]

    Tags: digestion diseases1 independent evaluation of work1 new model of medical management organization1

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