Human personnel management
  • 2015 № 7 Motivation system for employees in quality management and efficiency in radiology

    Annotation. The major factors of motivation of high-quality and effective work of doctors and paramedical staff in radiology department were defined. The motivational testing and modeling technique by Sh. Richie and P. Martin’s which allocates 12 major factors of motivation was used. For motivators detection questioning results of 56 employees of the radiology departments were analysed. Various approach for doctors (stimulation of creative approach and feelings of usefulness of the work) and the average medical personnel (material stimulation, according to accurate criteria of job evaluation) is necessary in motivation systems making.

    Authors: Kushnir K. V. [1]

    Tags: highquality work stimulation1 motivational profiles1 motivational testing and modeling technique by sh. richie and p. martin’s1

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