• 2022 № 10 Assessment of the economic burden of psoriasis in the republic of Bashkortostan

    Psoriasis is one of the most common chronic dermatoses, leading to disability of patients. The damage from it is comparable to the damage from atrial fibrillation, lung cancer, breast cancer.
    P u r p o s e of our study was to determine the economic burden of psoriasis in the Republic of Bashkortostan, depending on the volume of costs for different treatment options.
    M a t e r i a l s a n d m e t h o d s . The paper calculates the economic burden of psoriasis in the Republic of Bashkortostan based on official data from the Medical Information and Analytical Center of the Republic of Belarus, the Territorial Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund of the Republic of Belarus and Bashkortostanstat for the period 2020-2021.
    R e s u l t s . There is increase in the number of patients with psoriasis in the Republic of Bashkortostan for the period 2012-2021. The total economic burden of psoriasis in the Republic of Bashkortostan is 896970909,00 rubles in year (66055,7 rubles per patient), including: for all types of treatment, taking into account the funds of the patients themselves, 559028692,5 rubles are spent, for temporary disability benefits 300293897,6 rubles, disability benefits 37648318,9 rubles. The largest proportion of patients regularly treated for psoriasis are patients receiving therapy both in a hospital and in a polyclinic (42,1%). The allocated volumes of high-tech medical care, as well as genetically engineered biological therapy in the Republic of Bashkortostan are insufficient to provide all patients in need with these types of assistance. One third of patients with psoriasis (33,6%) do not seek treatment from dermatovenereologists.
    C o n c l u s i o n . The results obtained indicate the need for further detailed study of the issue of economic costs associated with the prevalence of psoriasis in the Republic of Bashkortostan, the development of measures to reduce the incidence of the population, risk factors and relevant policy documents for the resource provision of medical care for patients. The medical, social and economic efficiency of the measures will be expressed by improving the quality of life of patients, reducing the economic damage from temporary disability and disability.

    Authors: Sharafutdinova N. Kh. [2] Mukhamadeeva O. R. [2] Enikeeva D. R. [2] Kamalov E. S. [1] Kurbatov S. S. [1] Khammatova A. A. [1] Perminova V. A. [1]

    Tags: economic burden1 incidence4 psoriasis1 treatment costs1

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