Financial management
  • 2019 № 5 Providing income activities as a conscious necessary for functioning of the state (municipal) medical providers

    Realization of the rights of citizens to health care and medical care free of charge, enshrined in the Constitution of the Russian Federation, carried out by state and municipal health care institutions «… at the expense of the relevant budget, insurance premiums and other income». Analysis of the dynamics of the volume of financial sources for 2014–2017 showed a significant increase in revenues of medical organizations, which are state budgetary institutions, funds from income-gener- ating activities.
    The article describes the main financial sources that a medical organization – a state (municipal) institution may have for providing medical care, as well as for implementing the Program of state guarantees of free medical care to citizens. The rationale for the insufficiency of public funds to ensure the necessary level of wages for medical workers is given on the example of comparing tariffs of the compulsory health insurance system and prices (tariffs) of private medical organizations in the city of Moscow.
    The regulatory and legislative conditions for obtaining funds from various financial sources by a public institution are con- sidered, the relevance of developing measures to attract additional financial sources, which include revenues from providing paid medical services to the population, including through voluntary medical insurance, is justified.

    Authors: A. Sh. Senenko [5] O.  V.  Obukhova [3] D.  I.  Nitsenko [1] V. Ch.  Tsydypov [1] A.  M.  Chililov [2]

    Tags: compulsory medical insurance18 financial  sources1 incomegenerating  activities1 paid medical services22 state  provider1 the  program  of  state  guarantees  of  free  medical  care  to  citizens1 voluntary medical insurance2

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