The program of state guarantees as a tool for ensuring social obligations of the state in the field of health protection of citizens

Published: 2018-07-27

    Focus of problem
  • The program of state guarantees of free medical care is a tactical tool to ensure the social obligations of the state in the field of public health. It is shown that the current system of state guarantees at the macrolevel provides funding for all types, forms and conditions of medical care in the full range of diseases, but free medical care is not fully provided. In the overall structure of health care spending in Russia, the share of personal funds of citizens is almost half, which is more than three times higher than in the European Union. The data presented in the article suggest that the population pays not for the possibility of obtaining medical care, but for its quality. The authors believe that it is necessary to change the relationship between the doctor and the patient, to create conditions for the traditional spiritual and intellectual development of the Russian professional medical community

    Authors: Perkhov V. I. [20]

    Tags: paid medical services19 program of state guarantees of free medical care1 public health and health care2 state obligations in the sphere of health protection of citizens1




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