Possible options of citizens' participation in the financial provision of rendering medical assistance using resources not provided by the program of state guarantees

Published: 2017-07-14

    Manager of heath care consults
  • Active search of new forms of co-financing of medical care is the answer to financial difficulties in the health sector. However, equally important is the streamlining of those forms of relations between medical organizations and patients about co-payments in the provision of medical care within program of state guarantees that exist. The analysis shows that the legalization of shadow payments, proper design of the acquisition at the expense of and at the request of the patient more quality of medicines, health care products, as expressly provided under the program of state guarantees, etc., can serve the interests of both patients and society as a whole. The article discusses specific payment options at the expense of patients, resources that are not provided under the program of state guarantees allowed under the current legislation

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [123]

    Tags: co-payments3 contracts1 free medical care2 guarantees in the health sector2 medical products2 medications3 paid medical services22 quality of care4 standards of care4 the legislation in the field of healthcare1




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