Medical information systems
  • 2020 № S5 Healthcare information systems and organizational model of care: current situation and opportunities for progress

    The paper discusses possible improvement of healthcare through extension of its organizational model and better utilization of medical information systems. A brief review of ‘classical’ healthcare informatization tools is given with their relation to the steps of healthcare workflow that they intend to optimize. All consumers of healthcare are divided in four target audiences based on their needs in care and health preservation. Concepts of ‘health continuum’ and ‘continuum of care’ are discussed, with special focus on the parts of care continuum where informatization is currently lacking. The underlying reasons for such gaps are limitations of the prevailing healthcare organizational model. The current biomedical diagnosis-centric model of care is compared with biopsychosocial person-centric model.
    Further progress of healthcare through wider application of biopsychosocial model should expand opportunities for informatization.

    Authors: Guliev Y. I. [20] Martyushev-Poklad A. V. [3] Panteleev S. N. [3] Yankevich D. S. [2] Pryanikov I. V. [1]

    Tags: biomedical model1 biopsychosocial model2 continuum of care1 health continuum1 health preservation2 healthcare informatization4 organizational model1

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