Medical information systems
  • 2019 № 3 The use of a clinical information system for patients with circulatory system diseases selection to supply them a high-tech medical care

    Clinical Institute named after M. F. Vladimirsky», Moscow, Russia)
    Abstract. The manuscript presents results of the clinical information system (CIS) application for ensuring the selection of patients with circulatory system diseases for receiving them of high-tech medical care.
    The using of CIS is based on the level of morbidity, hospitalization, mortality of the population analysis at Moscow region. CIS provide specialists the information about comparative analysis of population health indicators to determine the needs of municipal
    citizens in specific types of high-tech medical care in relevant medical organizations.
    Also CIS can be used for monitoring the selection of patients for high-tech medical care, assessing the quality and effectiveness of this type of medical care in various medical organizations. Measures in public health conducted at Moscow region led to decreasing the death rate of patients with circulatory system diseases (CSD). This rate has decreased from 676.2 per 100 thousand population in 2015, to 475.2 per 100 thousand in 2018.
    We should pay attention that such data demonstrates the lower mortality from CSD than the average in the Russian Federation and the Central Federal District in recent years.

    Authors: Gurov A. N. [4] Ogneva Е. Y. [1]

    Tags: circulatory system diseases1 clinical information system1 high-tech medical care1 patient selection1

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