• 2017 № 2 Possibility of mobile app usage as a tool to improve compliance for patients with cardiovascular disease, Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution Research Institute for Complex Issues of Cardiovascular Diseases.

    Currently, low adherence is a problem of treatment of patients with cardiovascular diseases. Developing of the modern tool to raise patient’s awareness of their disease and to improve adherence to all requirements of doctors is particularly important. The aim of our study was to investigate the readiness of patients to use mobile software and applications designed to improve adherence to treatment.

    In the study were included 106 patients hospitalized in the clinic in February 2017 with various cardiovascular diseases. All patients filled out the original questionnaire, which included questions about the use of mobile phones, activity in social networks and ready to use applications and programs for patients. In this sample was revealed a high percentage of active users of mobile phones (97%). More than a half (57%) of patients expressed their willingness to use the programs and applications to improve adherence to treatment. The potential cohort of patients for using applications are persons of age 51–70 years. Among the different disease groups, the best results showed patients with arterial hypertension, acquired heart diseases and stable angina (66–70%). No significant gender differences were found. A high percentage of mobile phone usage among patients and readiness for active use of programs and applications can be used as a tool to improve adherence to treatment.

    Authors: Kochergin N. A. [1] Kochergina A. M. [1] Kilina I. R. [1] Kleshchenogov A. S. [1] Leonova. V. O. [1]

    Tags: cardiovascular desease1 compliance1 increase adherence1 mobile applications1

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