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  • 2015 № 3 Wearable devices of microelectronics as the basis of biofeedback system «TsifroMed» in aviation and aerospace.

    This article presents a systematic approach to the creation of web-services digital health system in the aviation and aerospace based on methods and techniques of biofeedback (BFB), and discusses the historical background of biofeedback technologies. The focus of this work is aimed at the architecture of information system «TsifroMed» which after its implementation will enable the real-time monitor the health of flight crews and air traffic controllers (ie, it is the users of the system, on which depends the safety of flight).

    Authors: Kukhtichev A. А. [1] Klenov E. А. [1]

    Tags: bfb1 biofeedback1 dh1 digital health2 information system5 tsifromed1 wdm1 wearable devices of microelectronics1

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