• 2016 № 2 Development of a technical field of the «bio-sensory e-health systems» through the prism of a patent analysis

    The article presents the results of the multi-criteria patent analysis, which describes certain features of the development of the technological field of the «bio-sensory devices for measuring physiological indexes» at its current stage. The article notes that suggested technical solutions are characterized by multidisciplinary features and by a stable in-line growth of patent activity in the past two decades. An absolute technological leader in this field is the United States, however, in the period between 2010 and 2015 a rapidly growing number of patents were granted to Chinese residents. The article demonstrates that citizens of Russian Federation exhibit a considerably lower, compared to other countries, productive activity in the area of bio-sensory devices. The Russian patent landscape in this industrial area is characterized by stagnation of patent activity in the period of 2014–2015, by an insignificant number of patent documents released overseas and by the absolute absence of triad patent communities. The conclusion is made that domestic capacities in this area are noncompetitive which should be considered when choosing scientific-technological priorities of the country.

    Authors: Zinov V. G. [1] Cherchenko. О. G. [1]

    Tags: bio-sensory devices1 companies-drivers1 competitiveness2 patent activity2 patent analysis2 russian developments1 technical solutions1 technological leaders1

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