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  • 2019 № 2 Health resourcing of traumatologic-orthopedic service in the subject of the Russian Federation amidst realization of grant program “Zemsky doctor

    Medical staff are one of the crucial factors, which guarantee health care service efficiency. However, Russian national traumatologic-orthopedic service exists under the lack of significant lack of staff. Grant program “Zemsky doctor” became one of the problem solving ways.
    Purpose. To evaluate Health resourcing of traumatologic-orthopedic service, and to examine results in completing staff jobs of trauma orthopaedists in medical organization in the subject of the Russian Federation achieved due to “Zemsky doctor” program realization.
    Approaches: analytical, statistical.
    Results. The research is conducted within Stavropol region. It showed that in 5 municipal districts of 36 trauma orthopedist jobs were either not specificated or completed, 6 of 36 had no traumatologic beds. Within the period 2011–2016 we registered negative dynamics of trauma orthopedists completeness from 94,4% to 88,9%. Comparing to 2011, when excluded trauma orthopedists were 23,3% of the general number of fired and hired, in 2016 they were 42,8%. The most active medical staff change is in town medical organizations. Within the period of 2012 to 2016 in terms of “Zemsky doctor” program 12 trauma orthopedists were hired in Stavropol region, which is 1,9% of all signed contracts under this program and 9,2% of all hired within this time trauma orthopedists.
    Conclusion. We revealed significant disproportion of health resourcing in health service centres in the subject of the Russian Federation, which limits traumatologic-orthopedic care accessibility. Despite “Zemsky doctor” program being implemented, the strong deficiency of trauma orthopedists still exists, whereas its efficiency decrease the number of licenses for institutional traumatologic-orthopaedical care in rural areas.

    Authors: Bugayev D. A. [1]

    Tags: medical staff7 organization of traumatologic-orthopedic care1 quality of health care3 staff management1 “zemsky doctor” program1

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