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    Management in health care
  • 2018 № 1 To the question about the strengthening and preservation of health of employees in the enterprises (on the example of the Central Federal district)

    Considered the issues of strengthening and preservation of health of people working in enterprises. Studied the role of the leader and trade Union organization in the preventive measures aimed at risk factors that influence the development of chronic noncommunicable diseases. Studied prevention of specific diseases associated with the specific activities of the enterprise, the provision of sanatorium-resort treatment. Examined measures to strengthen and preserve the health of the population, conducted in the territory of the project location. The scheme of interaction of all structures of the region in strengthening health work force

    Authors: Starodubov V. I. [33] Soboleva N. P. [4] Savchenko E. D. [5]

    Tags: prevention in enterprises1 reduction of risk factors at work1 strengthening and maintaining the health of workers1

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