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  • 2023 № 4 Approaches to the integral efficiency assessment of primary prevention measures in management decision-making

    Standard indicators currently used to evaluate efficiency of various prevention measures do not determine the impact of these measures on public health indicators and achievement of target results.
    P u r p o s e of this study is to develop approaches of integral assessment efficiency evaluation of public health system primary prevention measures.
    M a t e r i a l s a n d m e t h o d s . The analysis was conducted in Omsk region municipal districts during the period from 2018 to 2022. The materials for this research were data from reporting forms of federal sectoral monitoring, morbidity of the population data, information about prevention measures volume and quality. The method of integral efficiency assessment was used. This method is based on arithmetic mean of the selected general indices of measures that include individual indices of public health measures efficiency. Efficiency assessment of measures aimed at population alcohol consumption reduction is used as an example.
    R e s u l t s . Individual indices that evaluate retail alcohol sales rate, the proportion of persons with risk factors, their involvement in dispensary supervision, involvement of the population in preventive measures, were created to assess the overall index of measures aimed at alcohol consumption reduction. Individual indices are presented with baseline and target values. The analysis of the dynamics of actual indicators of the volume of alcohol consumption reduction measures is given. Integral index of prevention measures efficiency is the arithmetic mean of the general indices, including six components of primary prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases that have a significant impact
    on public health indicators, including: tobacco consumption reduction, obesity prevalence, proportion of the population with physical activity increase, rational nutrition, healthy lifestyle. The closer the integral index is to the value of 1, the more effective preventive measures are. The integral index of primary prevention measures efficiency in Omsk in 2022 is at 0,46 points.
    C o n c l u s i o n . Implementing the integral efficiency assessment method allowed to use unified approach in evaluation of the current primary prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases measures model, to conduct a comparative evaluation of measures aimed at strengthening public health in Omsk region municipal districts, showed the direction of additional measures to improve the efficiency of the process as a whole.

    Authors: Sabaev A. V. [2] Pasechnik O. A. [2] Bastrygina V. A. [1]

    Tags: chronic non-communicable diseases4 indices1 integral index1 primary prevention1

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