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  • 2017 № 7 Patent disputes about the rights to the technology for genome editing as a new model of scientific communication

    The history of the patent war between a group of authors who carried out joint development of technology for genome editing. Questioned the cogency of the thesis that in the conditions of globalization of science will take place the rejection of narrow corporate research network international projects of the open type. It is suggested that the formation of centers of competence that determine the global competitiveness of companies, will inevitably aggravate the competition for talent and unique expertise. The economic feasibility of the use of these talents will lead to new types of interactions: the Imperative of unselfishness scientist will be replaced by the imperative of economic efficiency of scientific activities. This will form new norms and patterns of behavior scientists

    Authors: Kurakov F. A. [2]

    Tags: and centres of excellence1 basic research1 license rights1 patent wars1 patents1 results1 technology for genome editing1

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