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  • 2022 № 2 A research of the impact of the call routing strategy on the call-centre work efficiency as a medical organisation providing primary hospital health care

    The article provides an estimation of the efficiency of a call-centre work when using two different strategies of targeting incoming calls. The authors clearly demonstrate a reduction in the waiting time for communication with the operator and the frequency of call cancellations, an increase in the number of processed requests and an increase in the level of service when using the strategy of interactive navigation of incoming calls, which generally creates favorable conditions for increasing the availability of medical care to the population.
    The purpose of the study is to study the effect of routing incoming calls on the efficiency of a medical call center in order to improve its operation.
    Materials and methods. The comparison of the effectiveness of the polyclinic call center was carried out according to the indicators according to GOST R 55540-2013 under the conditions of using the scheme of random and interactive navigation of incoming calls.
    The target values of quality indicators are established empirically, taking into account the accepted industrial standards. The analysis of statistical information was carried out using special software “Asternic call center stats”. A total of 72 statistical indicators were studied in both cases within the same seasonal period.
    Results. It was found that the organization of the scheme of interactive guidance of incoming calls helps to increase the productivity of a medical call center by optimizing the processing of calls without increasing the number of operators. The average waiting time for a patient to communicate with an operator has decreased by 2 times, the frequency of call cancellations has decreased by 3 times, the processing time for patient calls has decreased by 15.6%, the level of service has increased by 1.6 times. The practical significance of the proposed scheme for navigating incoming calls is due not only to the effective increase in the functionality of the medical call center, but also to the ease of scaling due to the unified IP telephony architecture in medical call centers.
    Conclusions. Thus, as a result of the study, a call routing strategy has been identified, which makes it possible to improve the performance indicators of the medical CC, to service more calls faster without attracting additional personnel, and to create conditions for increasing the availability of medical care to the population.

    Authors: Konyuhova S. G. [1] Orlov D. A. [1] Chuykova E. O. [1] Solov’yeva A. V. [1]

    Tags: medical call center1 medical call center management1 medical organization52 navigation of incoming calls1 new model of medical organization2 performance indicators and efficiency of the medical call center1 routing of patient calls1

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  • Focus of problem
  • 2020 № 4 Risks that need to be taken into account in the implementation of a new model of a medical organization providing primary health care help

    The article analyzes documents (guidelines, drafts of Federal legal acts) that present issues related to criteria and the introduction of a new model of a medical organization that provides primary health care. As a result, it was noted that the analyzed documents lack clear characteristics of the new model, the principles of its organization and functioning, and there is no clear description of the content and structure of the new model. The article draws attention to the fact that the financial and economic justification of the draft Law on the implementation of the new model does not contain any information about the financial and human resources required for the implementation of the new model. The authors emphasize that one of the main criteria for allowing medical organizations to implement the new model should be at least

    Authors: D.  V.  Piven [4]

    Tags: criteria6 finan- cial and economic justification1 new model of medical organization2 primary health carequality and availability of medical care1 staffing11

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