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  • 2022 № 2 Rationale for optimizing the organization of providing coloproctological assistance to the population by assessing the quality of different approaches of its providing

    In this article, in order to justify the optimization of the organization of providing coloproctological care to the population, the results of assessing the quality of various approaches to its provision are presented.
    Materials and methods. A comparative analysis of the coefficients of medical efficiency for the traditional coloproctological profile service system and the proposed system is carried out. The quality of coloproctological care was assessed using efficiency coefficients and an integrated quality indicator.
    Results. As a result, a higher level of medical, social and economic efficiency is shown in the conditions of the developed
    system. The data are reliable, differences are noted both for individual coloproctological pathologies and in general. An integral quantitative assessment of the quality of coloproctological care also showed a higher efficiency of the developed system (p<0.05), which reflects its medical, social and economic effectiveness.
    Conclusions. The creation of regional coloproctology centers combining inpatient treatment and outpatient care; provided with highly qualified personnel with sufficient experience in this specialty; equipped with modern equipment, including video endoscopic equipment for performing diagnostic procedures; introducing new high-tech operations, will further improve the timely diagnosis of coloproctological diseases and provide highly qualified specialized care to patients.

    Authors: Lisichkin A. L. [2]

    Tags: integral quality indicators1 modernization of the coloproctological service1 quality of medical services2

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