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  • 2016 № 10 Some results of modernization programms in health system in the Russian Federation

    The article presents the estimation of the results of health care system’s modernization programs in 2011–2013 from the point of view of infrastructure changes, health care availability and results. On the base of the Ministry of Health’ statistics data the analyses of structure, staff, main results of health institutions and some medico-demographic indices as well was run before the modernization programs (2009–2010), in the last year of the programs (2013), and in 2014. The number of the health institutions decreased following their integration up on 1,9 thousands accordingly to the modernization programs. Primary health care was developed, the number of day-surgery beds increased up on 34 thousands. The number of district doctors decreased by 10%, number of ambulance doctors decreased by 3,2 thousands. In the same time number of general practitioner increased up to 9838 doctors. The number of out-patient’s visits decreased to 9,1 per year, the number of ambulance calls became normative, hospitals’ results followed to optimize. Standardized mortality rate decreased up on 16% including reasons of circulatory diseases and of external factors. Morbidity has practically not changed. Conclusion: The modernization programs have optimized health care system’ infrastructure including primary health care development. Modernization programs failed to solve the medical staff problems of the Russian health system. Availability and quality of health care increased as diseases were educed actively but the mortality rate decreased.

    Authors: V. Yu. Semenov [1]

    Tags: health system modernization1 infrastructure changes1 medical personal1 medico-demographic data1

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