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    Management in health care
  • 2020 № 9 A technique of the analysis of subjective and objective characteristics of medical services for design of quality of medical services

    In a control system of quality of medical services the important part is assigned to estimates of results of activity of the medical organization, in particular degree of satisfaction of patients with quality of the received services. Now
    the question of quality of medical services is extremely relevant, a need for development of instruments of improvement
    of quality of services is had.
    Methods: The technique of measurement of satisfaction with quality of SERVQUAL provided to medical care based on
    provisions of GOST “Quality Management …” and a technique of expansion of functions of quality of QFD which elements
    are defined in GOST “Quantitative methods of improvement of processes “Six sigma are used”.
    Results: Approach on the basis of integration of techniques of measurement of satisfaction of consumers of medical services of SERVQUAL and expansion of function of quality of QFD which realization allows to build the House of quality is
    stated and to create data for carrying out design of quality of medical services.
    Conclusion: The conducted research allowed to create tools for elaboration of the adjusting and warning operating influences directed to demanded change of quality of medical services and, as a result, the recipients of services increasing

    Authors: A.  V. Danilov [1]

    Tags: expansion of function of quality1 measurement of satisfaction1 medical organization52

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