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  • 2022 № 1 Analysis of medical organization website during the Covid-19 pandemic

    The Web site has become an integral part of organizations that use the power of the Internet and online communication platforms to build trust and strengthen relationships with stakeholders during and after a crisis.
    The COVID‑19 pandemic is an uncertain risk factor that requires ongoing analysis of interventions in order to make effective decisions.
    P u r p o s e of the study is to analyze user behavior pattern at medical organization website.
    M a t e r i a l s a n d m e t h o d s . The analysis of the website of the SamSMU Clinics performed using the web-analytics tool Yandex Metrics. The measurement periods has been done between January 2020 and June 2021.
    R e s u l t s . The results showed a change in visitor behavior during the pandemic in the direction of an increase in visits, a decrease in time and depth of browsing, and a change in the type of device used to access the site in favor of the smartphone. The main result was the need to make decisions to improve interaction with patients as part of the development of mobile health.
    F i n d i n g s . The COVID‑19 pandemic has had an impact on medical organization digital marketing. A behavioral shift of site visitors toward increased activity in the use of electronic registration and mobile devices has been revealed. To improve interaction with the target audience, it is necessary to categorize website content into different categories: for the patient, for medical students, and for medical staff.

    Authors: Arhipova S. V. [2] Dvoinikov S. I. [2]

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