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    Management in health care
  • 2021 № 8 Study of temporary losses of patients when receiving medical services in ambulatory-polyclinic conditions

    The study of the patient’s temporary losses when receiving medical services in an outpatient clinic and their minimization contribute to an increase in patient satisfaction with the quality of medical care.
    Objective of the stud y: to assess the temporary losses of patients when visiting outpatient clinics of the city municipality.
    Methods and materials. The temporary losses of patients were studied by analyzing route maps compiled using a special technique. The analysis of the questionnaires made it possible to assess the patient’s satisfaction with the conditions of providing medical services, the information received in the healthcare institution and the attitude of the nursing staff to the visitor. Statistical processing of the results was carried out using the programs Statistica 5.0 and Microsoft Office Excel.
    Results. As a result of the conducted research, significant time costs of patients were identified when receiving medical care in polyclinics of the district center: when visiting a district doctor, a registry, a treatment room and a laboratory, which directly affected the results of assessing their satisfaction with the temporary criteria for visiting a medical organization.
    Scope of the results. The data obtained during the study can be used as basic information when developing measures to optimize key processes in outpatient health care institutions.

    Authors: Pozdeeva T.  V. [3] Pchelina N. V. [1]

    Tags: lean polyclinic1 lean technologies in healthcare1 patient satisfaction with the provision of medical services1 temporary loss of patients1

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