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  • 2019 № 1 Analysis of hemoblastosis morbidity rate of saint petersburg population for 1990–2016 period and forecast till 2026

    Level and dynamics of hematological malignancies morbidity of Saint Petersburg population were analyzed for 1990–2016 period and forecast till 2026 was given. It was found that in 2016 Saint Petersburg held the 1st place in hemoblastosis incidence among territories of the Russian Federation. Morbidity of men increased morbidity of women. The highest morbidity levels were detected in 70–79 age group. The increase of hemoblastosis incidence was followed up, the highest increase rate was noticed among people of working age. The increase of hemoblastosis prevalence (general morbidity) was observed. According to the forecast if the detected tendency towards the increase remains in 2026 the incidence rate will increase by 8.6% if compared with 2016 and will make 21.4 morbid events per 100 thousand of population; the general morbidity rate will increase by 44.4% and will make 130.4 morbid events per 100 thousand of population. The data received give evidence of the increase of the population’s need in expert oncohaematological treatment, necessity in the increase of its availability to the population and more efficient use of existing resources.

    Authors: L. Yu. Zhiguleva [2] Petrova N. G. [1] Romanenko N. A. [1]

    Tags: forecast3 hemoblastosis incidence and general morbidity1 oncohaematological care1

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