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    Management in health care
  • 2013 № 6 Models of the optimal distribution of the planned volume of financial means in the sphere of compulsory health insurance of Saint-Petersburg (The territorial compulsory health insurance fund of Saint-Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

    The article deals with the mathematic modeling of distribution of the planned volume of financial means in the compulsory health insurance and the results of modeling.

    Authors: Arefin I. G. [1] Senkov R. E. [1]

    Tags: compulsory health insurance15 distribution2 mathematic modeling1 optimization6 volume of financial means1

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  • Human resources management
  • 2013 № 7 Dynamics on quantity of medical personnel occupied in Russian Federation in the period of 2005–2011 years (Federal Research Institute for Health Care Organization and Information of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia)

    Quantity of physicians and provision of population with physicians in Russian Federation has increased generally in the period from 2005 to 2011 years. With that, there is revealed an obvious inequality in distribution of this resource among separate sub-federal entities of Russian Federation. The biggest concentration of physicians in 2011 year was noticed in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Moscow region (76 492; 36 216 и 22 835, accordingly). The highest index of provision of physicians per capita in 2011 year was fixed in Saint-Petersburg, Chukotskiy autonomous region, North Osetia-Alania Republic (73,9; 75,5; 66,6, accordingly); in Moscow — 66,3 (4 place); the lowest index of provision — in Chechen Republic and Kurgan area (26,1 and 25,5). There is notice a clear inequality in distribution of such resource among sub-federal entities of Russian Federation.

    Authors: Kuznetsova V. P. [2] Artamoshina M. P. [1] Xipiring О. V. [1] Korotkov U. А. [1]

    Tags: distribution2 physician1 population5 provision of population1 regions2 russian federation3

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