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    Management in healthcare
  • 2023 № 7 Organization of the educational process in improving the primary prevention of non-medical consumption of psychoactive substances by minors.

    The article presents the results of an experiment conducted in teaching teenagers from among healthy individuals and at-risk groups to prevent the use of psychoactive and other non-drug drugs using a differentiated approach taking into account their metacognitive styles and information coding styles. The main goal of teaching teenagers children was to instill motivation for health-saving behavior as the main meaning of life. After the classes conducted by specially trained personnel from among teachers, narcologists, medical psychologists, nurses with specialized teenagers, positive results were noted in increasing the assessments of hygienic competence of teenagers, their
    medical activity and motivation to preserve.

    Authors: Lukin A. Yu. [2] Tikhomirova G. I. [2]

    Tags: cognitive metastyles1 differentiality1 healthcare11 information coding styles2 integrality1 subject-practical1 teenagers2 verbal-symbolic1

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